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Golden Dawn Girls


Golden Dawn Girls

In the wake of Greece’s 2012 elections, Golden Dawn became the third largest political party in Greece, with 20 ministers representing the party in parliament. Every one of them is now in jail, accused of leading of a criminal organization. They have been waiting to go to trial since September 2013.

With this as the backdrop, we began to shoot The Golden Dawn Case, using our exclusive personal access to the members of Golden Dawn and their families. We will be focusing on the wives, mothers and daughters of the accused ministers as they rally to keep the party alive and politically active in the lead up to the trial and upcoming elections.

The personal and political drama surrounding our characters will heat up through the first 4 months of 2015, when the trial is expected to begin. We intend to expose the thoughts, beliefs, hopes and struggles of the jailed Golden Dawn members and their families as the fate of their political careers and personal lives unfolds.