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Every woman has the right to a happy sex life and the right to feel sexual on her own terms.

In VENUS women reclaim the casting couch to look for sexual role models.
Driven by questions raised from their own sexual frustrations growing up, two female directors invite 100 different young women for an erotic audition.
The goal is to find five female sexual role models who are confident enough to star as themselves in intimate and honest re-enactments of their most memorable sexual experiences. Five women who have taken charge of their own sexual freedom and happiness and can inspire other women.


The 100 invited women will discuss sexual concepts, share lived experiences and make their own erotic diaries with the directors who interviews and plays with them in a series of sometimes provoking casting couch sessions.

The directors look for strong personalities and women whose erotic stories and experiences make them reflect on them-selves, challenge concepts of female sexuality - or simply turn them on. On this basis the five strongest, most exciting, peculiar and brave women will be cast for to do scenes and have their stories or fantasies rewritten into erotic scenes made by women for women.

VENUS documents the process of selecting these women and making these reenacted scenes.


We want to fight for our right for women’s right to be horny without being shamed and create positive and encouraging representations of women as sexual beings who has the same sexual rights as men.In VENUS, the casting couch symbolizes sexualized male dominance over women in show business. This time women will take charge. What happens when women normally sexually objectified turns the camera on them-selves and becomes subjects?Through the process of casting and re-enacting powerful manifestations of female sexuality VENUS will offer an inside perspective on how females perceive themselves as sexual human beings and create a new form of truthful female erotica made by women for women.

A co-production with House of Real in Denmark.