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The Seduced Human [Det forførte menneske]

Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth has provoked audiences world wide for 40 years. Who is he?

Director Truls Lie challenges the Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth (73) to reflect on why he made over 40 documentaries, spent 20 years in Haiti, and lived his life as an observer. Leth’s films are prominent aesthetical works, as we see in Five Obstructions with Lars von Trier (2005) and The Erotic Man (2010).

Lie's enquiry on Leth chapters into three levels – desire, doubt and despair. Leth is the main example of the modern observer. He is both a seducer and always ready to be seduced. He is the aesthetic, but he is always in doubt as an artist, and existentially often in despair. He strives to create or else he would drown, as he says. Haiti’s chaotic society and recurring catastrophes (as the earthquake in 2010) also remarkably lessens Leth’s own inner chaos and depressions.

The seduced Human premiered internationally at CPH:dox 2011.

Director, scriptwriter: Truls Lie
Producer: Dag Hoel

Co-producer: Truls Lie, Ingvil Giske
Cinematography: Truls Lie, Boris Bertrand
Editing: Marius Smit
Sound design: Ambolt Audio
Grading: Ola Haldor Voll
Mastering: Leo Valen