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Business as Usual

In the spring of 2000 two young men each initiated a company on the Internet. The goal was to make big money on the Dot-Com boom. Frode Hansen quit his job as a salesman and sold his expensive car. He wanted to start a worldwide site for party and practical fun accessories: A site where you could find ideas for birthdays, weddings and other parties, and where you could buy party effects. But first he needed financing - an estimated NOK 380 million! The second entrepeneur, Per Kristian Vestre, went straight from being a student to a position as an assistant director of Dossier Solutions. At this time, the Dot Com-business offered a high status. " IT-entrepreneur was the right stuff, filmstar, what the fuck?" he says. Plenty of millions was invested into Dossier Solutions. The product was an online CV that was supposed to provide employers with a better knowledge of the human resources within their companies. Soon the 23 years old Per Kristian Vestre spent 20 000 NOK an hour on getting the company off the ground. At his peak the 23 year old employed almost 100 people and was aiming for more when he went to Singapore in order to establish an Asian office. Suddenly the stockmarket collapsed. Our two entrepreneurs had to get money fast. In a race against time, it was tempting to decorate the numbers in the accounts. In the documentary "Business as Usual" we follow the ups and downs of Frode and Per Kristian during 3 years. The stakes were high. One of the young men lost all, suffered personal bankruptcy and ended up on welfare. The other one was successful and travelled around the world with the money he made.

Director: Håvard Bustnes
Running time: 32 min.
Producers: Kimmo Paananen & Håvard Bustnes
Sold to NRK (Norway), YLE (Finland) and SVT (Sweeden).