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Abraham's Children - Lovers & Neighbours in the Middle East

Abraham's Children [Abrahams barn] is a four episode character driven documentary series shot on location in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. It is an entertaining and amusing road movie about the wit, humour and history of the people from the cultural meltingpot of the Middle East.

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On a journey from Mesopotamia to Canaan we zig-zag our way along dusty roads and back alleys. We follow the footprints of Abraham, the patriach of monoteism, through the land of history and across the paths of the prophets. We find a number of places we know as cornerstones of civilization, but more than historical events we get to know the people who build their houses on these cornerstones today.

The nomad, the poet, the imam and the musician give us their personal stories with big laughs and smiles on their faces. Mothers miss their sons, fishermen don't get laid, monks don't find enough time for prayer, and young musicians challenge society where the 100 year old Abraham once fooled around with both Sarah and Hagar. What was once sacred is not all that sacred anymore.

Then we move on to the next village...

Abraham's Children premiered on NRK [Norwegian state Broadcasting] in May 2008. It has also been broadcast by Canal+ [France] and Odiesa [Spain, Portugal].

One or several of the serie's episodes has also featured in film festivals around the world.

Abraham's Children is distributed for broadcast by Cinephil Distribution & Coproductions in Tel-Aviv.

Length: Four 29-minute episodes.
In Arabic and English with Norwegian or English narration.
Subtitled in Norwegian, English or French.
Format: DigiBeta PAL 16:9

Directed, Produced and Written by Dag Hoel
Videography: Dag Hoel & Eirik Wattengård
Location Sound: Eirik Wattengård
Editor: Renate Henrikhaugen
Sound Design: Smelteverket / Trond Engum
Prod. Management, Syria: Hisham al Zouki, Hassan Khalefa
Prod. Management, Turkey: Annie Pertan
Prod. Management, Lebanon: Rima Mroue
Prod. Management, Palestine and Israel: Rima Shehadeh, Firas Husseini, George Bullata

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