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Loveletters from a Children's Prison

“Loveletters from a Children’s Prison” is a character driven documentary film about the relentless love between a young man and a young woman.

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"Loveletters from a Children's Prison" brings us into a prison for teenagers. Many of the boys here will spend most of their lives imprisoned, convicted for hard crimes such as armed robbery, rape and murder.

The film relates the love story of Vadim and Ira, a boy in prison convicted for murder and the girl waiting for him on the outside. They write each other loveletters. She tries to prepare him for life outside the walls. But his fellow prisoners are teenage murderers and rapists, and their influence on him is devastating.

"Loveletters from a Children's Prison" is about hope, love and young men whom has become totally brutalized. Thousands of young boys in Russia, living on the edge of society, fight to survive from one week to the next, and many of them end up in jail. Will Vadim become like the others, or can Ira's love save him?

"Loveletters from a Children's Prison" has been broadcast by TV2 [Noway], YES [Israel], GA&A [Italy], UR [Sweden] and Against Gravity [Poland].

"Loveletters from a Children's Prison" has also been featured in more than three dozen film festivals around the world and has received several awards, making it the most successful Norwegian documentary in 2006.

"Loveletters from a Children's Prison" is distributed by First Hand Films. Please e-mail for information.

Length: 54 minutes
Format: DV-CAM PAL 4:3

Producer: Dag Hoel
Director/Videographer: David Kinsella
Research/Script: Anna Sirota
Editing: Gekko Film, Anders Aas

© 2005