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Tropical Love

Keselin, an attractive thai-woman, has married the fisherman Haakon from the north of Norway. He is close to 70, and could have been her father. Many men in rural areas marry young woman from distant cultures. Not all relationships are like we think they are.

Directors: Bård Grape & Dag Hoel
Running time: 28 min.
Producer: Dag Hoel

Sold to NRK and SVT.

Tromsø Intl. Film Festival, Norway, January 2002
Nordic and Sami Film Festival Kautokeino, Norway, March 2002
Nordic Panorama, Arctic program, Oulo, Finland, March 2002
Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Norway, June 2002
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany, October/November 2002
Riddu Riddu Festival, Norway, July 2003
DokumentART, Germany, October 2003
Kalamata Intl. Documentary Film Festival, Greece, October 2003

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