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Tomas Lopez Alive

The young maya-indian Tomas Lopez is living in a fishingvillage on a small island off the coast of Norway. He has fled an unbearable civil war in Guatemala. He escaped death.

In Norway, far away from terror, he finally opens up and starts wondering about his own identity. He has been denying his indian heritage because of the pressure he felt during the war. In Norway he may be an indian without fear - but his children will never learn to speak his language. They will never become indians.

In the film Tomas goes back to Guatemala, trying to sort out who he is. What is gained and what is lost.

Director: Dag Hoel
Running time: 28 min.
Producer: Dag Hoel

Sold to NRK .

Tromsø Intl. Film Festival, Norway, January 2002
Nordic and Sami Film Festival Kautokeino, Norway, March 2002
Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Norway, June 2002
Riddu Riddu Festival, Norway, July 2003

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