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The Golf Dream [Golfdrømmen]

The Golf Dream tells the story of Frode Hov (27) and his vision of building one of the world’s most spectacular golf courses at his family farm, in Northern Norway.

The setting is wonderfully pittoresque under the midnight sun, and the planned golf course will be similar to the natural courses in the heart golf, St. Andrews, Scotland. Frode`s ultimate dream is to show the world what natural wonders Lofoten has to offer the golfsport. There are, however, a few obstacles. Frode has a lack of funds or nor the experience of building a golfcourse, and the locals are not very keen on Frode`s vision.
Frode`s golf dream is not only of fame, but also a fulfilment of his father’s long vision of building a golfcourse nine years ago. Tor Alfred did not succeed and died tragically of cancer in 1993.
This is a documentary film about what drives young people to take a chance on a dream and uncertain future.

Directors: Pål Winsents & Håvard Bustnes
Running time: 52 min.
Producers: Pål Winsents & Håvard Bustnes
Sold to NRK (Fakta på Lørdag, Norway) and MICO (Japan).