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The Wash [Vaskeriet]

The American president arrives for an official visit. Security personel makes sure everything is in order. But there is something weird happening outside the government building. Drops are falling from the flags...

“The Wash” is a 7 minute 50 second short film written and directed by Hisham al-Zouki. It was released in October 2005.

Hisham al-Zouki was born in Damascus, Syria. His university background includes studies in literature and drama, and he completed his studies in Oslo in 1999. He has worked on numerous film productions and documentaries, and has previously written and directed four films:

“Songs From A Secret Floor”, 2005
“Just A City”, 2003
“Eternally Alien”, 2002
“The door”, 2000

Director: Hisham al-Zouki
Producer: Dag Hoel
Cinematographer: Nils Petter Lotherington
Sound Designer: Håkon Lammetun
1st Assistant Director: Even Benestad

Festival distribution by The Norwegian Film Institute.
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