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Moonshining [Hjemmebrenning - en kultur i nød?]

"Moonshining" is an entertaining documentary film about the culture of home alcohol destillation. Is this age-old tradition threatened by extinction?

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Moonshining is a part of our cultural history. At times it has been illegal and at times it has been promoted by the state.

Today, few people are familiar with the art of the production, and the consumption of hjemmebrent. It is by many considered stupid and disgusting. The flavour of moonshine is no longer appreciated.

None the less, there are still people whom maintain this part of our culture. Moonshining is illegal but very much alive in several areas throughout Scandinavia. Especially in rural regions the biting taste and tough intoxicant of the home made spirit remains the real thing!

The film is based on interviews with old and young moonshine producers and consumers. We join them at ruthless parties and dripping pipes. We portray the people and learn what moonshine means to them. Hot water, sugar and spirit from the neighbors barn in a cup, varmkjæft, is by some more appreciated than a single malt whisky from off the coast of Scotland. Why is that so? What are the local specialties like, and how far are the enthusiasts willing to push their luck in their hide and run game with the police? It is crime, after all.

"Moonshining" was first broadcast on NRK [Norwegian State Broadcasting] in December 2006.

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Length: 54 minutes
Format: DigiBeta PAL 16:9

Directors: Bård Ivar Engelsås, Dag Hoel
Producer: Dag Hoel
Videographer: David Kinsella
Editor: Eivind Vaa
Sound Designer: Håkon Lammetun

© 2006