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To China on a Shoestring [Til Kina uten penger]

"To China on a Shoestring" is a documentary film that follows Espen and Matias as they attempt to hitch hike from Norway to China without money. On the road they discover a world of individual liberty and unexpected opportunities.

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By travelling with no money Espen and Matias are forced to seek help, make friends and trust people. They have to rely on free rides, people’s hospitality and free food. On the road they play guitar, busking as street entertainers. They help an Englishman in Bulgaria paint his house, challenge a Turkish Olympic wrestling champion in arm-wrestling and climb the highest mountain in Iran. For two months they are travelling videographers, telling us how to seek adventure as extreme backpackers through Scandinavia, Central Europe, Balkan, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan – all the way to China.

"To China on a Shoestring" tries to make our world seem a little less foreign, and make us less sceptical to other cultures. Espen and Matias show us 10,000 kilometers of dusty roads, exciting people, a great deal of happiness and countless minor and major disasters.

"To China on a Shoestring" is a warmhearted road movie full of humour and friendship, and with a strong belief and trust in people around the world.

"Til Kina uten penger" has its own website in Norwegian.

"To China on a Shoestring" premiered on TV2 [Norway] in December 2006. It has also been broadcast by YLE [Finland].

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Length: 50 minutes.
In Norwegian with English Subtitles.
Format: DigiBeta PAL 16:9

Director/Editor: Kristian Karlsen
Producer: Dag Hoel
Videography: Espen Aarsvold, Matias Nordahl Carlsen
Sound Design: Bent Erik Holm
Music: Eivind Marum, Kristoffer J. Whittaker
Line Producer: Heidi Sandberg
GFX/Co-Editor: Fredrik Hygen Gudesen
Editing Assistants: Per Vaage, Marcus Hukkelås

© 2006