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Positive Mental Attitude [Riktig mental innstilling]

The phone rings. You answer, and hear a young man's voice say he represents a charitable organization. Who is this person? Who does he work for?

"Positive Mental Attitude" is a character driven documentary about telesales. We follow the managers and employees of Televita, a telemarketing company that works for charitable organisations.

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Tor Ove Røe owns and runs Televita with his wife Anne Helga. Their job is to take young trainees who wants to be a part of the business and make them great salespeople. Negative thoughts must be avoided at any price. The first month is the hardest; most of us couldn't take being yelled at repeatedly by people who don't want raffle tickets. Tor Ove fights to keep his salespeople's spirits up: "nobody will make me bow my head because I work in sales. Our entire community consists of retail. We will learn to be proud of working in telesales!"

Inexperienced salespeople may make a hundered calls without landing a sale, while a prime salesperson can sell raffle tickets worth 40,000 kroners in a single day. There are many tricks of the trade and Tor Ove conditions his employees with the salesman's necessary attitude: "Sales is 100% mentally controlled." They must maintain the positive mental attitude!

"Positive Mental Attitude" premiered on NRK [Norwegian State Broadcasting] in January 2007. It has also been broadcast by ETV [Estonia].

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Length: 51 minutes.
In Norwegian with Norwegian or English subtitles.
Format: DigiBeta 16:9

Director, Videographer: Håvard Bustnes
Producer: Dag Hoel
Sound Recordist: Jan Henriksen
Editor: Anders Teigen
Sound Designer: Håkon Lammmetun

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