Released films

Health Factory [Helsefabrikken]

Health Factory - compassion on the assembly line


Health care institutions mimic industry production to become more efficient. The goal is to get more health for the money spent, based on the presumption that private corporations are more efficient and less wasteful than public institutions.

Do we have to be in a competitive state in order to work efficiently, or does professional pride really exist?

Are we about to lose our humanity in our struggle to increase productivity?

"Health Factory" ["Helsefabrikken"] is a film about the history and confidential methods of the health care system in the western world, and the future challenges facing it. Increased spending on health services is the norm. The costs are spiralling out of control.

There is a firm consensus that "something has to be done"...

NRK [Norwegian State Broadcasting] and the Norwegian Film Institute have made contributions to the project from an early stage. So has The Freedom of Speach Foundation [Fritt ] and MNFS [the regional film fund in central Norway].

International distribution is taken care of by Cat&Docs.

Director: Håvard Bustnes
Producer: Dag Hoel

Executive producer: Elin Kristensen
Script: Jan Henriksen and Håvard Bustnes
Cinematography: Øystein Moe
Editing: Anders Teigen
Sound design: Håkon Lammetun
Motion graphics: Snorre Ruch