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Loveletters from a Children's Prison

"Loveletters from a Children's Prison" DVD:
€ 26.00 (incl. P&P) [approx. NOK 210,-]

“Loveletters from a Children’s Prison” is a film about hope and the relentless love between a young man and a young woman. Will Vadim become totally brutalized like the others, or will Ira's love save him? It was the most successful Norwegian documentary in 2006.

Read more about "Loveletters..." and watch a clip HERE.

Length: 54 minutes.
Subtitles: English
Format: DVD-R PAL 4:3

This DVD is currently only available on PAL. PAL is the standard in most of the world, but in North America, Japan and NTSC standard areas a PAL DVD will only play on a region free DVD player and multi-system TV.