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To China On A Shoestring [Til Kina uten penger]

"To China on a Shoestring" DVD:
€ 23.00 (incl. P&P) [approx. NOK 185,-]

"To China On A Shoestring" ["Til Kina uten penger"] follows Espen and Matias as they attempt to hitch hike from Norway to China without money. On the road they discover a world of individual liberty and unexpected opportunities.

Read more about the journey and watch a clip HERE!

Length: 50 minutes
Subtitles: English
Format: DVD-R PAL 16:9

This DVD is currently only available on PAL. PAL is the standard in most of the world, but in North America, Japan and NTSC standard areas a PAL DVD will only play on a region free DVD player and multi-system TV.